Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: I Heart Geeks by Janet Eckford

I Heart Geeks by Janet Eckford
November 28th, 2015

 This book was about a geek techie and a woman who loved him! The premise of the book definitely attracted me. I cant say I loved the book, but it wasn't bad.

It's a novelette/novella story featuring a Latino man who falls for a bag designer. 

Things I liked:

I liked that the Billie, the main female character was very assertive and Diego, the main male character was sooooo attracted to that.

"No Shade Room"

But I naturally connect to women who are dominant. I've always been the more dominant one in all my relationships, and I don't think a man is less than a man for letting me be so. I'm not for traditional roles for a man to be this, and a woman to be that. She saw him swooped in and took him, simple as that. She didn't wait, because if she did, for as shy as he was, nothing would've ever came of their encounter.

I liked that Diego was geeky, but he was more of a tech geek. I'm more of a gamer geek, so there are a lot of geekness on the spectrum of Geek. A techie geek might not not do it for me, but it did it for Billie, and that's all that mattered =)

Billie was a tattooed rockabilly chick. I would've loved her, but I'll explain why I didn't in a sec.

Things I didn't connect with:

I walked in assuming it was Interracial between a Mestizo/White Latino and an African American woman. I wasn't 100% sure she was AA. The image on the cover is a bit too on the racially ambiguous side for me. 

I'm a Black-Cuban, dark skinned, with a 4C Afro textured hair. I'm not saying someone has to look like me to look Black. But she was "bronze". That's some people's tan. Diego almost seemed darker than her. She was either very fair for a Black woman, or...who knows? She never described herself as Black, or even mixed, so I had no idea. Not a deal breaker but she had a "perfect" body. I want to see more variety than just "curves in all the right places". She had two sleeves worth of tattoos, so I would've loved seeing a woman of color rock that, but I just didn't know it she were white or not.

And I'm about to be anal as shit right now, but Diego is Latino, but there were never any indications what nationality his culture came from. This is my expertise. I want to see Latinos in books, but I want to see some of the things I connect to with the culture. I'm not saying stereotype us. But being Cuban, there are just some things we do that Puerto Ricans don't. That Dominicans don't. That Mexicans don't. That Colombians don't. No one is Latino without having a root. I just want to see something that reveals culture, that's all.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, I just didn't think it was as fleshed out as some shorter books I've read.

If you think it'd interest you, you can still purchase it here, or add it to your Goodreads shelf!