Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Welcome to Rebellious Cupid!

Huge waves, and smiles(Oh gosh they're looking over here, look chic!)

We wanted to welcome anyone who looking upon this blog for the first time =)

We're Libertad and Guinevere Thomas, and we've been book blogging for almost three years.

We've been making cool waves in the Diversity in Books scene via our awesome blog "Twinja Book Reviews" which highlights diversity in fiction, especially in Young Adult categories, with even stronger highlights in Speculative Fiction.

Since we don't just read Young Adult, coming of age spec fic, it dawned on us, that that audience may not want to read reviews with strong romantic elements or adult characters, but we still thought diversity in Adult and New Adult books is still important.

So since we're fighters for diversity, we decided to name our future mini/self press after our venture "Rebellious Valkyrie Press."

Rebellious Cupid will be an imprint of Rebellious Valkyrie that focuses solely on books with strong romantic themes, in YA, NA or Adult, as long as it's not Speculative Fiction.

Some Speculative Fiction can be accepted, if the romantic element is stronger than the spec fic element.

Make sense?

We read and review a ton of books, but we can't always put them in the same place!

Hence our new monster!

We may be going into a few months of construction while we connect with more romance blogs, consider a new blog design, and find new books and authors to hang out with, so stay tuned!

If you're interested in a review consideration, click here to see our preferences.

If you have awesome book recommendations, you can contact us @ guinevere.libertadtomas at gmail dot com!

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