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My sister and I have a strong preference for IR themes. 

Guinevere adores Black Woman/Asian Man pairings while I(Libertad) have a penchant for Black Woman/Latino Male pairings. I'm also very drawn to Lesbian Fiction, this doesn't necessarily have to be interracial.

Black Woman/White Male pairings are cool too, but we all have our preferences. Of course we are also interested in Non-Black heroines as well but prefer to read Women of color Heroines.(e.g. Latina, East Asian, South Asian, North African and Indigenous peoples).

Also Take Note:

If you are an author seeking to have your book reviewed by us, or are curious to know the biggest factors that make us disconnect to a book, please read this

My sister and I are millennials, so we have a millennial mindset and take on feminism. We will always make note when a book has poor or problematic representation. We are respectful, but know now, if a book relies on slut shaming/rape culture, it will be called out.

Unless it's intentionally meant to be dub-con(dubious consent) CONSENT is necessary. We prefer safe sex, though certain circumstances, like a committed relationship might ease our mind about it. Polyamorous relationships are welcome here, there isn't one path to happiness.

We also look at language. GENDERED, CODED and COLLOQUIAL.

Gendered/Coded language tend to be insults wrapped in packages of patriarchy and privilege. We just want better for the representation of human beings. Colloquial language we look at to make sure it's not offensive. Language is unique depending on demographic, so know we are most familiar with AAVE(African-American Vernacular English) and Spanglish(Most Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Caribbean based).

Preferred Catergories:
New Adult
Young Adult
LGBTQIAP(Especially Lesbian and Trans!!!!)

Preferred Genres:
Chick Lit
Contemporary Romance
 Erotic Romance
Paranormal Romance
Erotica(No glorifying Rape please)

At this time we do not consider books with strong Christian themes. Again sorry for any trouble this may cause.

Rating System:

 We respectfully choose not to rate Romance themed books. We prefer to display the positive or negative points in books, and choose only to star ratings if the age or genre categories coincidence to cross post to our sister blog Twinja Book Reviews, or it cross posts to Goodreads. If you would like a review cross-posted to Amazon, it may not receive an automatic 4-5 depending if there were more things we liked than disliked about the book, but generally, any review helps a book's sales and visibility, so if this is a concern, please contact us.

Preferred formats:

Paperbacks and Hardcovers are our preferred format. We however understand that both can be expensive to produce and ship out, but if you are able to send either format, we get through physical copies much faster than e-versions.We are book girls so it's always nice having an actual book in your hands. 
We are able to accept mobi files as we own a kindle and are also happy to announce we now have a Nook so we are able to accept epub editions of books as well!!!!

PDF files are also accepted but it takes us a while to get through a PDF file so if you have a mobi or epub, it will ensure a faster reading schedule.

Reading schedule:

Please allow us 12-20 weeks to get to your book.We get A lot of requests, so to ensure that books are read on a timely schedule, we'll need some time. We do make exceptions for blog tours and promotional reasons, however with the schedule we have now it's looking like 12-20 weeks is the fairest we can do. Take in mind that it may not TAKE 12-20 weeks to get to your book, but we just hate to promise anyone sooner than we can get to it.

Note:You will need to inform us if you need your review completed in a certain timeframe. Paperbacks get bumped up in schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes, but reading e-books ranks low on our list of "fun". Unless we really dig your book! There have been instances where we've finished some e-titles in a week. But it's rare for us!

How to contact: 

When sending a review request please send us an email @ guinevere.libertadtomas at gmail dot com. We will not accept requests over the comments on pages or posts. And also please state WHY you think your book would be a good fit for Rebellious Cupid Book Reviews and how the main character or love interest fits under our preferences. We get a lot of requests that are random and don't fit under our policy so it'd be a lot easier back and forth if you stated how your book is relevant to our blog in the first email :)

Ebooks sent through email before a formal correspondence get an automatic denial. It's nothing personal, we just get so many requests, that it's easier to respond to authors who adhere to guidelines.

Where we post:

Our blog obviously!

Goodreads- Libby/Guin
Barnes & Noble-Both but unfortunately anonymous 

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