Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review: Entwined by Harper Miller(Libertad's Review)

Entwined by Harper Miller
November 05th, 2015

So Guinevere and I have different tastes when it comes to male heroes in books. Guin loves her Pacific Islanders, Her South Asians, Her South East Asians. Me? I can't help it, being Cuban, my heart is always going be for the Papis. But what attracted me to this book was the promise of a Hapa male protagonist. A Latina love interest as well as a Black female lead. Then I saw the teasers and was like oh what the hell. I'm queer and it's rare when I read about queer women in books especially queers like myself who like both(as well as many other genders) and not just one or the other more. And then the sista on the cover is outside the cookie cutter image of how most folks see black women(everyone seems to be digging the Olivia Pope's lately) so that really drew me in too!

My thoughts about the characters:
I walked in thinking I'd totally love Jake but he was just...I think a tad too misogynistic for me. I think on paper he sounded hot but then he kind of just started talking and I sort of just cringed at the thought of a 40something year old man choosing this sort of way to talk to women. The "sugar"references instead of calling her by her name even when she asked him to stop calling her that got to me. He was kind of likable sometimes but only sometimes. I kept thinking to myself if a Kat talked like that to me in real life I know I'd tell him Vayase a la mierda! So something about his character didn't work for me. I think I would have been able to swallow it if he was in his 20s but being 41, he came off as mad disrespectful and immature so I kept thinking why this chick emailing him back? But I give the fact that he was Hapa(Polynesian and white) an A for effort.

Gabrielle was probably the reason I picked up this book and decided not to put it down even though the Jake didn't really work for me. I loved that she was 37 as many heroines in romance books are in their 20s. I loved that she was kind of edgier than your typical heroine. Tattoos, the crazy hair color, shaved sides and the crazy lipstick? All of that was me at some point, though not at the same time lol. So I really related to her on a physical level since I don't consider myself to be "clean-cut" like most black heroines are in books. She liked sex she wasn't shy about it and she wasn't no damn VIRGIN. Ugh I can't stress that enough! I hate reading grown ass women in these virginal roles. I like to read about women who know what they're doing and don't just lie on their backs. But then again, I'm a different kind of reader, lol. I think the only thing I didn't like about her was that she wasn't really "queer." She was interested in women sexually but that's about it. Sounds a lot like the way men think nowadays so I wasn't really feeling that. I think I would've thought she was perfect if she would've been a bisexual so was out and proud about it. She only liked women for sex, and because I've been there. I was feeling some kind of way about that. Overall, she was my favorite character in the book!

The Latina character was kind of just there. She didn't really show up into the end and I wasn't sure how I felt about her. She was a bit of a stereotype to me with her thick accent,light skin, long wavy hair and big ass. I think what bothered me the most about her was she was described as a "Sofia Vergara" type(those exact words used) and I kept screaming in my head why wasn't she just a girl from the Bronx with a New Yawk accent instead. I felt sort of close to the way she was portrayed being Latina myself so I didn't necessarily love her. I also think the Spanish used was a little dated. "Amante" is not a word people usually use when they're about to screw, lol. It's a very proper word and the only time I've heard people use it is in poetry or boleros. I would've used Mami, Mi amor, Mamita Rica, or in Spanish we tend to give people sexy pet names based on skin color. I know, I know, it sounds kind of fetish-y but in Spanish calling someone "Negrita"(ppl call me this all the time), Triguenita, mulata and even blanquita, is a sign of endearment. Amante? I don't know anyone that uses that in everyday convo, so they wouldn't say it during sex. 

 The girl on girl action was my favorite part of the book. I'm a queer and a freak so I couldn't help but feel like I needed a cold shower after reading them girl on girl scenes. They were so hot and for me the highlight of the book!

The Sex:
The sex was hot, especially the girl on girl. I don't know bout that anal scene though, and the fact that he went raw dog and they ain't even know each other like that, I'm saying though, unless I performed the exam myself, there's no way I'm taking someone's word for it that they're clean. ESPECIALLY  in Nueva York. Anal just isn't something I personally enjoy so it's hard for me to wrap my hand around it that it feels good. For all you ladies how do like anal, the scene is well crafted and extra dirty so you will not be disappointed.

The book overall:
Overall I'd really recommend it especially for women that like that extra alpha male, for me I like my guys a little sweeter but ladies who like the more aggressive types, Jake will rock your world.
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