Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review: Entwined by Harper Miller(Guinevere's Review)

Entwined by Harper Miller
November 05th, 2015

The book was short and sweet! There were things I liked about Entwined, and things I didn't connect with, but I think lovers of erotica/erotic romance would like it!

What I connected to:

The diversity. The main character himself was hapa. The main chick Gabrielle was African-American, and the side chick is Latina(though it doesn't really state what she is). I liked how none of the characters you'd actually cannon as White, even though Hapas and Latinx can be White(just sayin').

The f/f aspect. I thought the sex between the girls was a bit more appealing than overall. It just seemed more realistic than the rest of the sex in the book.

Gabrielle! She was an emo-ish/rockerish Black woman, with tattoos and an undercut(super sexy!). Romance writers, keep up the good work! We're not all Olivia Pope's!

Sex/Love over 30! Most Romance novels only focus on people under 25. People don't just die after 30! Jake was 41 and still kicking. Gabrielle was 37 and still hot! Win-win!

What I didn't connect to as much:

Jake. I usually love hapa men in books, but I just didn't connect to him. His narrative seemed like it was trying too hard to convince me he was a guy. He was sexist. Kind of hard to get around that. With his attitude, he just didn't make the connection I was looking for =(

The unprotected sex! It's hard for me to get into a sex scene that glosses over unprotected sex, especially at the dangerous rate WoC are getting STI's. I don't care how good a dude looks, there's no amount of sexy worth it. I know it's for a book, and it's supposed to be a sexual fantasy, but my generation can't afford to be that careless.

Lola. I liked that there was a Latinx in the book. But she was stereotypical. I'm Afro-Latinx, so it feels a bit coded when a Latinx person has an accent. 

Also, this was a very small detail most people would miss and wouldn't affect them, but Gabby's profile said she didn't want relationships with women, she only wanted sex. Understandable. But I felt some kind of way, like, even to other women, women are only props, not actual people. But when you're Quiltbag, comments like that get to you more than if you're cis and straight.

Overall, the book is entertaining. Wish it were longer. Maybe my feelings would be different if I had more time with each character!
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