Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: Dating The White Billionaire by Lena Skye

Dating the White Billionaire
By Lena Skye

To be honest, I'm not really sure what I could say about this book that doesn't already tell you from the title. When I walked into this short story, I knew with a title like this I should set my expectations low. Cuz I mean how can you honestly see an interracial relationship as a legitimate relationship when already the title hints at exotification. It was 73 pages, I had some time on the train to NYC, I figured why the hell not?

What I'll say about the writing style is that it's kind of clunky. Some sentences seemed like they could have been broken up or tightened, it sort of made me hate the prose but I kept on reading because the main character was a chocolate sista and anyone who reads interracial knows how bloody rare that is. So the complexion of the main character was a win. Sad to say that was the only win for me.

The main character was in her early 20s so it seemed unusual to me that she was so hung up on race. I've turned 24 nearly 6 times and I have never made a big deal about dating interracially so when I read a character who's so hung up on it, especially so young, it just doesn't make sense to me. Like I get that sometimes dating outside of your culture is a challenge but the assumptions she made about white guys was just so misinformed and unknowledgeable to the point where it had me asking myself if a white guy assumed all these things about us, we'd be mad as hell so I hate to assume all these negative things about white men without every dating one.

Another comment that had me feeling some kinda way was when Kyle's assistant made a comment about Camille not "looking" like she dated interracially because she was urban...


I'll have y'all know for the record that my sister and I can be hood as hell sometimes, hell prolly most of the time and the gemelita is dating the most whitest, privileged, blond hair, blue eyed, never-had-a black-friend-until-us type of white guy our state has to offer.(CT stand up!) So that comment rubbed me all types of ways because it made me think that people have this impression that only preppy, assimilated, pure bred black girls interracially date. Wanna know how many African descended people I've dated? 1.5. 

And I say one in a half because my ex-boyfriend was mixed race(Haitian father) but because he was half Colombian(white), he was white passing and no one ever mistakened him for black. So this "urban" girl has no problem dating interracially all the time. Must be my "urbanness" that brings the papis to the yard.

Everything about this book was so damn fetish-y it was hard to legitimatize their relationship, which basically started out as BDSM contract. This book so tame on the BDSM that I wasn't impressed. I wanted hotter, steamier, more submission but it's almost as if the author knew nothing about BDSM so I think it would have been better to just leave it out. Nothing about the sex scenes was really that sexy, like I feel like I've YA that's racier, and that's kinda cray.

For 73 pages there was not a moment in time Camille allowed Kyle to be human.  She always made these comments about him breaking the mold for white guys from everything to swag and penis size. And tell me how you would know about a white guy's penis size from seeing one white penis in your short 24 years. Chile please. Quítate de mi camino.

And last but not least Camille hadn't ever had a real job. Apparently she was so good at "sweet talking" she made connections with some of the deadliest drug dealers by "sweet talking." Sure...

I know it's a book and I'm supposed to suspend belief but homegirl walked into a corporate office with no real job experience, no college degree and in all the wrong clothes and Kyle offered her an important ass job as his assistant, which she excelled at because of her "street smarts." What am I doing with my life? Why did I waste time and money on that Communications degree when homegirl got a job for just looking pretty. Where they do DAT at?

All in all, If you have a free afternoon and can live with what I've said about it, It's free so why not check it out on Amazon, but if it wasn't free I wouldn't recommend it.