Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review: Matched With The British Billionaire by Kimmy Love

Matched With The British Billionaire by Kimmy Love
June 11th, 2015

There were a plethora of books I'd finished in June, and with the new design up, Im finally getting to writing mine =) This was one of the many books I'd started in finished in a slow work week.

The first thing I should say about this book, is that it's much better written than most self published romance novels. I think with the power to write and publish in the same day makes it really easy to miss mistakes that you might otherwise catch, but this book is, if anything strongly written.

I didn't connect to everything in the book, but there were some good and not so good things about Matched.

Matched followed the exploits of a photographer named Keely and a British billionaire named Tim, who were both clients for a matchmaker who sent women up with billionaires.

Im not very familiar with the Billionaire trope as many other readers, but Tim seemed like a polite billionaire. The true definition of an alpha male to me, not this over controlling, chauvinistic version of an alpha male, tropes in books have mutated them into.

I think the book was cute. For the writing to be strong, it was just ok to me. I didn't connect to Keely, Tim or their chemistry. It didn't seem like they had much outside of being physically attracted to one another.

One of the main things that threw me off was the fact a lot of the slang and jargon was British slang. Keely was American, so it was a bit distracting for me. Since I know British colloquial well enough to recognize it and it's American variant, it made me wonder why the author didn't just set it in the UK. That would've been much different than the typical American falls in love with foreigner story. I'd actually like to see more stories set outside of the US, because Americans are kind of boring, lol.

I liked Keely, but she was prissy most times. This was also one of the many books I'd read featuring light/fair skinned heroines in a row, and I just felt some kind of way about that. All black is beautiful to me, so I'd like to see it reflected more in interracial romance, especially since IR caters to Black women.

The book also has sex for those who get squeamish towards it. It's pretty tame, but just a fair warning.

It's a cute, light and short read. If this book sounds like something you'd read, it can be purchased 

with this link!