Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Silent Comeback...

Yea, Imma just let this play a little before I start this post...

Damn, it's over?
Just love that kid. If you don't know him, he's definitely a talented singer you should check out ;p

He's one of those cool white boys that isn't annoying(*cough*Bieber, despite listening to his dumb ass) and I'm not saying that because we met him(he smelled good y'all)
 Interesting fact about Travis Garland: He inspired Timothy Ferriero, the male main character in Same Page, our first NA Erotic Romance.

He was almost too smooth. And most readers who didn't like the book liked him, but meeting him, holding him, smelling him...yeah...where was I going with this?

Oh yeah, lol. Books.

So we've been gone a while. For mostly good reason. We documented three parts of our lives(Writer Us vs Bookish Us vs Real Life Us) on Twinja Book Reviews, our sister blog here, here and here.

But like Twinja Book Reviews, we wanted to get back into blogging again. The deadlines we tried to reach for past books have come and gone, and while we're still writing, we've been reading a lot more too. 

We've been thrown into the New World Order of audiobooks, and while I can't speak for Libertad, I read much quicker with them.

So we will be posting reviews again, but we wanted to post original content as well, that isn't always just a review. We kind of just started getting into memes. We wanted to make ones specific to this blog, since every blog we're cool with have their own unique ones, so in effort to be different, we'll have a few weekly memes, and two monthly ones.

We hope it helps anyone looking for different books of all heat level, because we don't want to put one type of heat level over another. But here are just the start of them.

Weekly Memes:

Mondays will focus on highlighting men of color in romance. Black woman/White man is very popular, but highlighting and writing men of color is still something we're trying to promote more. Since interracial isn't just White people with people of different races, we can't wait to showcase men of color who don't get as much hype as white boys.

P.S. If we don't highlight one day, it will be replaced with a review featuring a man of color.

Tuesdays will focus on books with sweet/clean content in romance books. We like sex in books, but there are some cute books that don't have graphic scenes in them. We want all heat levels to feel welcome, so it seems appropriate to highlight books featuring such.
Like Monday, if we don't highlight a book it'll be replaced with a review of the genre.
Fridays we'll focus on books in the erotica genre. Much like sweet/clean romance, we want to highlight levels of heat in romance sub-genres. Erotica focuses mainly on sex, but that's why it's Freaky Fridays ;p
Much like other days, if we don't highlight a book, we'll host a review of the same genre.
This one is a personal favorite, since our favorite type of romance is usually a cross between sexy and sweet. Erotic Romance usually highlights the plot structure of Contemporary Romance, but with sensual or more graphic sex, but less sex than erotica. 
Much like other days, a review will replace a highlight if one isn't readily available.
Monthly Meme:
 This meme will highlight our personal favorite love interests in books. We're LGBTQIAP/Quiltbag, non-binary and gender nonconforming friendly, so they won't always be cisgender men.
Some might be how we pictured the said character, or how the author themselves pictured them.
But we hope to be religiously, disability and socio-economically inclusive, as well as highlight people who aren't American born.

 We plans to have more in the future, but right now, that's all we can manage. We hope to highlight YA Romance books as well, even if people don't want to see them, because we've always highlighted them.
One might change one's mind for the right book, so it never hurts to highlight!
Anyway, Guinevere and I both wrote portions of this, so that's why there's two tags at the bottom XD But while we're working on a YA Contemporary Romance project, we've found a little time to decide this was what we wanted to do =)

Most of these changes will most likely start around the beginning of May. We were hoping to do some advance posts, as well as freestyle on occasion :p But hopefully we introduce folks to books they don't know about!
Hope everyone's been having a good New Year!