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πŸ’“πŸ’“ Blog Tour: Down To F*ck: A F/M/M/M Romance by Raci Ames Jun 7th - Jun 14th πŸ’“πŸ’“ @obsessiveppromo @raciames

Blog Tour:
Down To F*ck:
A F/M/M/M Romance
by Raci Ames

Jun 7th ~ Jun 14th

College senior Raine plans to spend spring break with her besties, hopefully catching the eye of Kyan King, the gorgeous, quiet big brother of her roommate who barely knows she exists.

But when her friends get stranded, she faces days alone with her crush and his two closest confidents. And as it turns out, they're all much closer than she thought.

In order to get to Kyan, she's got to prove to the other two that she's up for anything, and down to f*ck.

This book is m/m/m/f erotica for readers ages 18 and up. It's has explicit sexual content including sex with multiple partners, discussions about past sexual assault, and elements of drug use and abuse. 

My Review:
I signed up for this tour a few weeks back while planning some posts for our future memes, and what do you know? This lovely tour company was hosting their book!

I liked the book, but I feel it reads as erotica more than erotic romance, which is completely fine. Just for those expecting more romance than sex, you may be disappointed.

The book itself isn't as inclusive as I like, but one of the men in the book Raine hooks up with is African-American, and there is M/M elements as well. 

I loved that the characters did drugs, not because I do them or wish to promote such. More that it reminds me of real life, and how people aren't perfect and squeaky clean, and being in college, experimenting heavily.

Raine is in for a lot, spending her spring break with her roommate's older brother and his friends.

I think it appeals to me more because I look for less "boy meets girl" stories. I love the provocative title, and it's very true to the style of the book, so again, if this bothers you, it's best to skip.

I wasn't in love with Raine as a main character, but I liked(which I'm sure others wont) that she didn't feel it was absolutely necessary to just hook up with Kylan, the guy she was infatuated with. I'm sure the average romance would see that as "whore-ish" but I think the only woman who deserves a real opinion about her sex life is the woman in question.

There is a time when the book tries to be a little heavier in tone. I can't say whether I liked or disliked it. It made the sex in the book feel like I should be ashamed to like it. But there are really hot sex scenes in the book, but you have to be comfortable with the fact Raine as well as the others engage in sexual practices together, lol.

Overall, if you have a few hours to kill, this 105 page story can be read in one sitting. Also something I liked. I'm beginning to hate 300+ romance/erotic stories that don't get to the point. As hectic as this book is, at least you know what it's about from start to finish!

Heart racing romance. Raci Ames writes sexy stories that stimulate readers. Anything goes and there are no rules. Except that love wins. Always.


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